Saturday, February 11, 2012

A lot has happened....

I can't believe my babies are almost 4 months old!  Times flies! I had a pretty boring pregnancy and just never found time to post about anything that was going on.  I found out at 12w3d that we were having a boy and a girl!  Of course that early we weren't 100%.  At my later appointments it was confirmed we were having a boy and a girl!  We were so excited!  Esp Hutson!  He really wanted a brother and a sister!

At about 30 wks I went in to L&D for some spotting and contractions.  I ended up having a bladder infection.  I was given antibiotics and felt much better after a few days.  Up until then nothing had happened.  I had another false alarm around 33 wks.  At 34w5d I was back in L&D.  I was given a shot to stop my contractions and sent home.  I was feeling like it was the next time would be the real deal.

At 1:20am, 35wks exactly, I woke up to a huge gush!  Yep, my water broke!  I was in total shock!  I woke Corde up and he panicked!  He kept asking what he needed to do!  I told him to get Hutson and get in the car.  I didn't have contractions, just lots of gushing!  I told Hutson it was time for babies and he was so excited and sleepy!  I called my Mom so she could meet us at the hospital and get Hutson b/c I figured it would still be awhile.  Then I called my Mother in Law since she would have a little bit of a drive.  I wanted to give her a heads up.  We got to the hospital at 1:42am.  Got checked in to a room and put on monitors.  I had started having some mild contractions but nothing too bad.  The nurse checked me and I was 3 cm!  My Mom got there pretty quick and got Hutson.  I wanted him to get some sleep so she took him back to our house.  My mother in law decided she couldn't wait and she headed to our house also.  My contractions kept getting worse and closer together but they weren't horrible.  I wanted to wait until I was at least 5cm before getting the epi.  So around 4am I asked to be checked again b/c the contractions were right on top of each other.  I was 5cm!  So I asked for the epi.  It was great!  It was different from the one I got with Hutson.  I could still feel and move my legs just took away the pain of the contractions.  Around 7am I started feeling lots of pressure.  The nurse checked and I was 10cm!  It went so fast!  They started prepping me and getting the OR ready since I had to deliver there incase of an emergency.  I got to the OR at 7:13am, got moved to the teeny tiny table!  Laying flat on my back!  Not fun when trying to push out babies!  It took a few minutes to get everything set up, monitors back on...then it was time to push!  It seemed like an eternity and a flash all at once...if thats even possible!  At 7:28am Deacon Thane Newport was born!  He weighed 5lbs 1 oz and 18 inches long!  He screamed!!!  It was such an amazing sound!  At 7:30am they broke the 2nd bag of water.  I was given a few minutes to rest...They brought Deacon over for me to look at, he was so precious!  Then it was time to push again!  At 7:42, 14 minutes later...Sarah Finley Clarke Newport was born!  She weighed 5lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long!  It didn't take her long to cry either!  As soon as she was born they brough Deacon to me to hold...It was like time stood still...Just staring into his eyes was amazing!  I was a crying mess!  They finally brought Finley over for just a minute.  That's when they told me they were taking her to NICU b/c she was having a few breathing problems.  I knew there was a chance they would be in the NICU but it still scared me.  Deacon seemed to be fine, they just wanted to observe him. 

Finley was put on a bubble CPAP for 24 hours.  She looked pitiful!  She had to be tube fed and I couldn't hold her b/c of the CPAP.  I was crushed.  It took several hours for me to get to the NICU to see them.  I did get to hold Deacon though.  He was so tiny!  They put a feeding tube on him also b/c he wasn't sucking.  I was heartbroken that they were both having to stay.  They both ended up being jaundice and having to go under lights....that seemed to be our biggest problem.  Once Finley came of the CPAP she took her bottles like a champ!  Deacon, not so much.  He was super lazy and would fall back asleep.  Luckily I was able to pump and give them breastmilk at 3 days old!  Finley was spitting up a lot, actually vomitting after every feeding until she got breastmilk! 

I was discharged on day 3 but they let me stay until day 4.  I came home to be with Hutson and continued to pump every 3 hours and went to visit every 6 hours, there were times I would stay at the hospital for 6 hours...Both babies were under the bili lights for a week!  That was the longest week of my life!  At that point they just had to take all of their feedings without needing the tube.  Finley I wasn't worried about, they even talked about sending her home early but I didn't know how I would juggle having one baby at home and one in the NICU.  So, on day 7 I moved back into the hospital and was able to room with them.  They didn't need any monitors and were in there own cribs.  So I was able to give them all of their bottles.  We went home after 10 days!  Deacon decided one day he wanted to eat!  I was so happy to get them home! 

It has been crazy every since!  Its hard work having 2 babies but its also so much fun!  I'm loving every minute of it!  When they were 6 wks old I started exclusively breastfeeding!  They haven't had a bottle since!  Which I feel so blessed to be able to do!  They are getting so big!  Finley weighs about 12 lbs now and Deacon is about 11 lbs.  There has been a 1 lb difference the whole time!  They are both amazing babies.  Finley is a little more high maintenance and Deacon is more laid back but they are both great! 

I will update more later and include pics!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I make miracles happen!

We saw 2 beautiful flickering little hearts.  Words can not describe the amazing feeling I had in that moment.  The feeling I still have...its so amazing!  Everything was perfect.  My RE has released me to my OB.  So no more trips to Dallas.  Which makes me a little sad...I'm going to miss him and the nurses.  They are all so amazing. 

Everything has been so different...gone so perfectly.  It scares me that everything is going so right.  I keep expecting something bad to happen.  I hate thinking that way.  I was so scared for our u/s. Then in 2 minutes it was all over and I was sitting there with tears in my eyes, holding pictures of my beautiful babies!  This is real.  I'm having TWINS!  No more negative more worries.  Babies looked great and I won't worry unless there is a reason!  I'm just so excited!

I have an OB appt on April 15th.  We will hopefully be doing another u/s.  I can't wait to see my babies again!  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just 2 more days....

and I get to see my babies!  I'm so nervous and anxious...I just pray all is well!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA...

I've been busy celebrating!  I am 5w4d today!  I'm stuck on Cloud 9!!

These are our babies!!!  Yep....BABIES!!  We're having TWINS!!!  Holy Smokes!!!

I am still in disbelieve.  I am so excited.  We have truly been blessed beyond belief.  We have been through so much heartache in the past 6 years and for once I feel like this is finally it.  We are bringing home these babies! 

I had an appt with my RE yesterday for an u/s to see how many were baking.  We were called back by my nurse Heather.  I stripped down from the waist down and we waited...seriously felt like an eternity!  Dr. Saleh has never made me wait that long.  I was a hot mess!  I thought I was going to puke, pass out, was just bad!  Finally he comes in...he's telling me that we want to see a ges sac and yolk sac at this he starts the u/s...I see one little bean...I felt some relief knowing something was there...then I see it again...or so I thought I was seeing it again when he says "Looks like you have twins!  Congratulations"  DH says "Seriously?!?"  So Dr. S is looking and I'm bawling...I was in shock...I had a feeling it was twins, I knew of the possibility but to actually hear it was amazing!  Then he pointed out the tiny little speck in both that was the yolk sac!  At this point in or other pregnancy we only had an empty sac so it is a huge milestone to see yolk sacs!  I couldn't stop crying...Dr. S sd he saw exactly what he wanted to and we will see the heartbeats next Tuesday!!

Tuesday can't come fast enough!  I can't wait to see those little flickering hearts!  We will be telling everyone after the appt. I can't wait any longer!  I am going to email a picture of the u/s to my MIL and just wait for her phone call!  I will do the same thing to my sister and Mom...they both know I'm pregnant but don't know its TWINS!  Funny thing...when I started this blog I emailed the link to my sister...I don't guess she ever got the link b/c if she kept up with me she'd already know!!! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gotta love that beta!!


Not sure if I have mentioned it but I hate PIO!!!!  I've been using the sesame oil and its finally started giving me knots and big red itchy spots!  So I ordered the Ethyl Olate from my compounding pharmacy and OMG..Why would anyone use anything else!  Its so much thinner and doesn't hurt at all!  IF (which I won't) ever have to do this again I will use the EO from the beginning...I'm so sore and itchy!  Hopefully just another week, 2 at the most, and I will be done with it!  I do get to stop the E2V!!  Woohoo!  I still continue the Prenatal, Dex, PIO and suppositories.  My ultrasound is the 22nd!  I can't wait...oh..have I beta was 1297!!!!  My RE was very excited about it!!!  As am I!!!

Still super tired, nauseous from the time I wake up, horrible heartburn....that's about it.  Still a little cramping but not much at all and I only notice it when I'm paying attention.

Here is a pic of my full progression from all of my tests...

I'm all out of tests so looks like I have to stop obsessing! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It begins...


I have my 2nd beta tomorrow.  I am very optimistic that it will be a fabulous number!  It has to be!!

So...I didn't think cravings started for awhile but I can't stop thinking about Chili Cheese Fritos...I made a special trip to Target b/c I knew we were about out...this was my dinner tonight...

That is a Chili Cheese Frito sandwich on wheat with Ranch!  Yum!

I only have to IC left...I will save those for tomorrow so I can see how dark it is with my beta...but here is tonights test...with maybe a 30 minute hold and drinking TONS of water...I must say, I'm impressed!

I will update with my beta tomorrow!  I can't wait!  I can't believe I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!  I'll never get tired of saying that!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Beta Batman!


578!!!  That's one hell of a beta!  I'm pretty freakin excited!!!!  I just pray it doubles Wednesday...When my RE called he was so got me all excited and I cried!  I was at work when I got the call and I went to DH and wrote 578!!!  On a Post It...he just started cheezin and gave me a high five...we couldn't really that was his way of letting me know how excited he is!!!

On the way home we talked a lot about being pregnant.  He asked me if I would make hamburgers for dinner...I sd "We don't have any buns"...he says "We do, there in the oven"  I gave him the craziest look and sd "We have buns in the oven?"  Then I realized what I sd and he sd "We sure as hell do!!"  It was pretty funny! 

I just have too many emotions and feeling going on right now...I will update more when my emotions aren't so high!!!