Saturday, January 29, 2011

72 and counting...

Seventy-two months that is....that's how many months we've been TTC #2!  In the past seventy-two months I have seen 3 different REs...3 months of Clomid...5 failed IUIs...1 chemical pregnancy...countless hours sitting in waiting rooms...too many u/s to count...tons of blood work...1 IVF cycle...1 m/c at 11 weeks...and so much more.  But on the 6 year anniversary of TTC I'm doing my FET and I am very hopeful that it wasn't all for nothing...It has been so hard, physically and emotionally but I'm stronger b/c of it.  I will love this baby more b/c of all I have been through.  So as much as it hurts I know its for a reason.  I've had 6 years to spend with my DS...I will never have regrets about having another baby too soon and taking that time away from him...I know I've given him all I can and he will never feel like he isn't #1 in my life.  When/if we do have another baby it will be the baby we were meant to have.  That baby will change our lives just like DS changed our lives. 

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