Sunday, March 6, 2011

And it begins...


It has been a very busy weekend!  Had a baby shower for a relative yesterday and then went to BIL basketball game.  They didn't win which sucks but he had a great Senior year and we are very proud of him.  Now he can start thinking about his future and what he is going to do after HS!

I had a little cramping the day after transfer and yesterday but nothing so far today.  My boobs are sore but they always are on progesterone so thats nothing new...I'm hungry all the time...that's nothing new on Dex...I'm surprise I've been so busy!  So I have a reason for all of my symptoms.  I did POAS this morning...stupid I know...I so shouldn't have.  I think I see the tiniest bit of something but then I don't...I think I am just crazy! 

DH's grandma is hanging out with us today and we are taking her to a Thunder game tonight so that should keep my mind busy.  I'm sure I will test again in the AM since I've gotten started!  I can't stop now!  Damn I wish I hadn't started it!!!

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