Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Somebody pinch me...


I feel like I'm dreaming...this can't be real!  It worked!  I'm pregnant!!  Oh WOW!  I'm happy, excited, anxious, nervous, terrified, over the moon!!!!  Monday is my first beta...2nd is on tests are getting darker so I feel good at the moment that betas will be fine...I'm terrified of that u/s.  I don't want to go...I'd rather just wait a couple of weeks.  I already told DH that I'm not looking...I'm laying there with my eyes closed and waiting for someone to say something good...

There are just too many emotions going right is so hard to believe after 6 years and so much heartache we might be bringing home a baby!  OMG!!!  We won't be telling family until Easter...I will be 10 weeks then and we won't see everyone for a while after that so we decided that's the best time...I'm nervous...I would rather not tell anyone...just let them figure it out when I get huge...Oh I hope I get the chance to be huge!  I will damn it...I won't take no for an answer!  I'm pregnant!!!!  I'm going to have another baby!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!


  1. WOOOOHOOOO!! I am so stinkin happy for you!!!!!!

  2. Thank you!! I still don't even know what to think!