Friday, March 4, 2011

Pizza and Shopping!

Day 35...Dexamethasone, Prenatal, PIO, E2V Injection, E2V/Prog. Supp....1dpt

My bedrest ended at 1pm today.  It was nice to get up and move.  I feel so sore now from laying around for so long!  As soon as I got up I had to get in the shower and get ready for DS program at school...It was soo cute and he had a speaking part and he did awesome!  I'm so proud of him! 

After the program DH went to his brothers basketball game...they won!!  After the game his family wanted to go out to dinner so we went to Old Chicago...had some yummy pizza and ate way too much!  I was so hungry tho!  Then I had to do a little last minute shopping for the baby shower tomorrow...Now I'm exhausted!!!   Tomorrow is a long day with the baby shower and then BIL basketball game.  If they win this one they go to State! I really hope they can pull it off and win State his Senior year! 

Symptoms....None...not that I expect anything...I just had the transfer yesterday.  I guess exhaustion is about all I'm feeling.  I've had a headache on and off since we got home from transfer.  I'm thinking thats b/c I haven't had any caffeine!!  I did have a diet dr pepper with dinner tonight!  It was so good!  I've also lost my urge to POAS...which is good b/c I would really like to wait until the day before beta!  We shall see!!

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