Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Beta Batman!


578!!!  That's one hell of a beta!  I'm pretty freakin excited!!!!  I just pray it doubles Wednesday...When my RE called he was so got me all excited and I cried!  I was at work when I got the call and I went to DH and wrote 578!!!  On a Post It...he just started cheezin and gave me a high five...we couldn't really that was his way of letting me know how excited he is!!!

On the way home we talked a lot about being pregnant.  He asked me if I would make hamburgers for dinner...I sd "We don't have any buns"...he says "We do, there in the oven"  I gave him the craziest look and sd "We have buns in the oven?"  Then I realized what I sd and he sd "We sure as hell do!!"  It was pretty funny! 

I just have too many emotions and feeling going on right now...I will update more when my emotions aren't so high!!! 

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  1. LOL on your buns in the oven!! Congrats on a great beta!!