Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It begins...


I have my 2nd beta tomorrow.  I am very optimistic that it will be a fabulous number!  It has to be!!

So...I didn't think cravings started for awhile but I can't stop thinking about Chili Cheese Fritos...I made a special trip to Target b/c I knew we were about out...this was my dinner tonight...

That is a Chili Cheese Frito sandwich on wheat with Ranch!  Yum!

I only have to IC left...I will save those for tomorrow so I can see how dark it is with my beta...but here is tonights test...with maybe a 30 minute hold and drinking TONS of water...I must say, I'm impressed!

I will update with my beta tomorrow!  I can't wait!  I can't believe I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!  I'll never get tired of saying that!!!

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  1. WOWZERS!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!!!