Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh...thats not good!


So I tested this morning (Surprise!  Surprise!) and I got a faint line...so I tested with SMU and it was darker...so I tested again around 3pm...maybe a little darker....so I tested again when I got home from work (yes I tested at work!) and its def darker!!!  OMG!  This has to be it...I want this baby more than anyone will ever know.  I just need my beta on Monday and Wednesday to be good and double and then I have to survive the u/s which will be a week from my Wednesday beta.  I just want to cry...I still haven't told DH I tested...he hasn't asked.  I think he assumes I will be so overjoyed I won't be able to keep it from him.  Its killing me but I don't want him to worry...The less he knows the better!  But I want to scream to him "I'm pregnant!!!!!!!" 

Saturday DH kept looking at me when we were out running around and I would ask him what and he kept saying I looked so pretty and he kept commenting on my make up...it was funny...then he finally sd "You're glowing!"  I thought it was an ironic choice of words since I should be glowing!!!  idk...it made me smile! 

Nothing new as far as sxs...still tired...hungry and oh so emotional!  We went to a basketball game Sunday and during the "Kiss Cam" a guy proposed to his GF...I got all teary and almost cried!  It was so sweet!

The injections still suck!  Last nights PIO about made me cry...it hurt so bad!  Tonight I had to to E2V and PIO...PIO went fine...stung but not too bad.  The E2V hurt like hell and when DH pulled out the needle it squirted blood...all over my pants and the carpet!  Luckily I was able to get it out of the carpet...DH freaked out!  I should only have 2 more of those left!  Yay!


  1. woo hoooo!!! Congratulations..this is sooo exciting!!..i don't know how you are managing to keep it to yourself..id be blurting it to DH..LOL..stick baby stick!!

  2. I totally just blurted it out to him! I asked if he thought I had tested yet and he sd he didn't think so b/c I sd I wouldn't...I smiled...so he asked when...lol...I told him I tested this morning and he paused for a minute and finally asked what it was...I told him it was positive! We'vee been TTC too long b/c he sd "How positive was it?" lol...I told him it was darker than I expected and he hasn't stopped smiling since!!! I'm so glad that's off my chest and I don't have to keep from smiling and looking like an idiot!!