Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today was a fabulous day!!!

Day 34...Dexamethasone, Prenatal, PIO....FET!!!!

We transferred 2 beautiful embies today!!!  I had really wanted to transfer 3 but after the thaw I was advised by 4 doctors that it wasn't a good idea and the 2 I have look amazing!  So I trust them.  They all seemed very confident.  I just wanted them to at least consider 3 and they did.

I expected the embies to be thawed when I got their and the embryologist came to talk to me and sd she was going to go thaw them and she'd let me know how they looked...I was a little surprised.  She came back like 5 minutes later and sd they were gorgeous!!  She sd sometimes they degenerate but mine were still looking good 10 minutes later when we were ready to transfer...The actual transfer didn't take more than 5 minutes.  Then I laid flat on my back for 30 minutes...then headed home!  I'm being nice and lazy laying in bed now!  On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods and DH ran in and got a pineapple!  I cut it up when we got home and ate some...I figure I will eat a little every day for the next few days. 

I haven't decided when I will start beta is the 14th...I would like to wait until the 13th to test...that would have been my best friends birthday.  She was killed in a car accident when we were 16.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about her!  What is really weird...if I am pregnant with twins my due date will be October 26th, which is the anniversary of her death...Maybe that day will turn into a good day and not a day that I dread every year.  It has always been a horrible day for me.  I'm praying Sarah brings me my BFP and keeps my baby(ies) save for  9 months!


  1. I pray this is it for you, Kortney!! Get lots of rest and eat that pineapple and enjoy being PUPO!!