Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cake before dinner? Yes, please!

Day 26...Lupron, Dexamethasone, Prenatal

Can you say exhausted?  It was a long day...worked almost 10 hours and then went to the OTA Awards Banquet this evening.  The food was so-so...we sit down at our table and our dessert is already there...they seriously expect me to wait 20 minutes for my salad and not try the cake?  The salad was not so great...the croutons were stale...finally the main was a nice size fillet...with marinara.  It was weird but kind good.  Then mashed potatoes and asparagus...and a roll...I must say, the roll was pretty dang good!  I could have eaten 10 of them!  But I didn't...I only got one!  As soon as they took that plate away I was all over that chocolate cake.  I wasn't disappointed.  It was pretty dang amazing!! 

Well tomorrow is my last day of I sit here I realize I'm kind of AF is coming.  First time I noticed it...maybe its just my body telling me its exhausted and needs sleep!  Night!

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  1. Yummm cake! LOL, I would have eaten it, too! Rest up girlie!