Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow...its happening so fast!

Day 21...Lupron, Dexamethasone, Prenatal, E2V Injection

I went in for b/w again this morning...woke up at to the lab by 6am!  I had another crazy experience at the lab.  First the girl who registered me was super chatty and told me about wrecking her car yesterday and having to find a ride to work...she sd its not easy to find someone willing to take you to work at 6am...she was funny.  She said she was in a horrible mood and just wanted to cry.  I made her laugh and she seemed pretty peppy by the time she was done with my paperwork!  I went to the lab and of course got right in!  The lab tech was an older woman..probably in her upper 60's...she was so nice.  She of course asked if I was TTC.  I told her yes, we are doing a FET.  She then saw the tattoo on my arm (DS footprints from his birth certificate) so she asked if I had a child already.  I told her yes, he's 7 and we've been TTC for 6 years.  She made a comment about us trying right away, I told her it didn't make a difference since here we are 6 years later...I told her its easy to want another one and to do whatever it takes to have another child b/c DS is so perfect...I can't imagine not having more babies just like him...she got all teary eyed and I thought she was going to cry...she told me I'm a good Mom and she can tell I love my baby!  I love that a complete stranger can hear me talk about DS once and they know what he means to me...that kid is my world!  During all this talking the tech was trying to get my vein to pop up...the veins in my arms are deep...I'm a phlebotomist nightmare!  She finally stuck a tiny bit of blood when she hit the vein and the vein surprise...I knew it was going to happen...She dug around for a minute and then stopped b/c she was afraid she was hurting me.  She didn't feel comfortable sticking me again so she called someone from the main lab.  I appreciate her not using me as a pin cushion...some techs just want to prove a point that they can get blood out of me and they'll dig around as long as it takes and poke me all they can!  We ended up walking down to the main lab...the lead phlebotomist comes out...looking rather confident.  As they always do...its funny, I just giggle to myself! He starts poking around on my arm...looks at my hand...back to my arm...then says "Wow, she wasn't are a nightmare!"  About the time he was about to job that needle in my arm the original tech comes out and says the person who runs the labs sd she had enough blood for the E2 test and they didn't need anymore!  There were several sighs of relief!!!  I was glad to be done with that!  I hate all the b/w, not b/c it hurts, I'm used to it at this point.  Its just annoying! 

I got an email from my nurse.  She didn't tell me my # but sd my E2 was great!  I had to do the same dose of estrogen (.3ml).  I really hate that stuff...I think I have some major nerve damage from the PIO last the time I'm done with it this time I won't be able to sit!!  Just sitting here now I am so sore!! I emailed my nurse back to see what to expect for Monday...she sd Dr. S will be looking to see that my lining is thick enough for implantation...she sd if it isn't I will go back on Friday after taking something to help thicken it...she doesn't think I will have a problem tho...My lining is always fine.  She sd either way I will be starting PIO Wed, Thurs or Fri.  So that means my transfer will be Tues, Wed or Thurs...Its so close!!!  I will know more on Monday!  So, I'm going to enjoy my weekend and get ready for my appt on Monday!!! 

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