Monday, February 7, 2011

Long drive for a 20 minute appointment...

Day 10...Lupron, Dexamethasone, Prenatal....U/S and B/W

Well I had my first u/s and b/w for this cycle.  Everything on the u/s looked cysts!!!  Thank goodness, I was a little worried after my fresh cycle and I had to have one aspirated!  That wasn't fun at all!  But everything looked good!  My lining looked awesome as always...its so weird to have someone tell you that your uterine lining looks nice and you take it as a compliment!  I had my E2 checked, my nurse said she'd only call me if there was a problem and I never heard from her so I guess it was ok!  I have to start my estrogen injections tomorrow...not looking forward to it but they are only 2 times a week...I will do those 2 times a week until my beta doubles...they won't be so bad until I start the PIO also...3 shots in the a$$ in 1 day doesn't sound fun!  I'm ready to get it going though!  This is finally starting to move fast...I can't believe I'm on day 10....Just a little over 2 weeks left!!!

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