Monday, February 21, 2011

Today was a wonderful I'm exhausted!

Day 24...Lupron, Dexamethasone, Prenatal...U/S and B/W

Well I made the trip to Dallas today!  I had an u/s done to check my lining and blood drawn to check my E2.  I suppose my E2 was fine since Heather didn't call me.  My lining was great.  They look for it to be over 9mm...mine was 17mm!!  So my uterus us nice and ready for those embies to snuggle in!!!  I asked my RE what he thought about thawing my embies and if we'd have to thaw all 6 to get enough to transfer or if we'd still have some...he told me he isn't worried about the embies!  I just need to  get myself there and take care of them once he does his part!  I have the best RE ever!  I love that he doesn't seem worried or stressed..I know this is his job but he seems very optimistic.  Since he isn't worried about the thaw...I'm not going to worry myself over it either.  I think he would have been honest if he wasn't sure how they would thaw...he seemed to think there wouldn't be any problems.  After the u/s I talked to Heather.  She gave me my new calendar!!!  Thursday is my last day of Lupron, then I start my antibiotic for 4 days and the progesterone starts!  I still do E2V on Tuesdays and Friday I get 2 shots in the bum!  The first PIO is just 1cc like last time, then the next night I start 2cc...not looking forward to 2 shots in the butt every night and 2 days a week I get 3!!  Whatever it takes!   It will all be worth it!!  My transfer will be at 1pm on March 3rd.  I will take off work that day and the following day.  Which works out b/c Hutson has his program on Friday afternoon so I will be able to go to it!!  I planned on going anyway but this way its just easier!  I talked to Heather about being able to come home after the transfer...she sd as long as I'm not driving and I'm just relaxing in the passenger seat its just fine...she sd to do 24 hrs bedrest and then light duty.   I told her about the baby shower I am in charge of Saturday and she sd I can do light duty and no lifting I'll decorate a little and let everyone else do the hard work.. They will probably think I am such an ass...Only 2 people know I'm doing this.  One of them will be at the shower and she sd she'd cover for me so I should be ok.  Its crazy to think in just 10 days I will be PUPO!!!

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