Saturday, February 26, 2011

The things we will do for the babies we already love so much!!

Day 29...Dexamethasone, Azithromyosen, Prenatal, PIO

I would like to start off my saying I have no clue how to spell Azithromyosen and I will probably spell it different every post...I'm too lazy to get up and go look at the package...

Well, we went to watch BIL play basketball tonight.  The won districts last week and lost tonight so they were runner up in Regionals...they start Area Thursday, so I won't be able to go, since I will be on bed rest...if they win Thursday they will play again Friday.  If they lose he's done, this is his Senior year so Thursday could be his last game...makes me sad I'm going to miss it...hopefully they win all 3 games and make it to State! 

Since we were out of town when it came time for PIO I took it with me and DH and I had to get creative...luckily BIL needed a ride to the gym and MIL wasn't ready to DH and I took him and I got injected in the ass in a HS parking lot, in the car...I decided to try the entire 2cc with one injection to see how it went..OUCH!  It wasn't so bad doing it but I am so sore now!  I have heated seats in my car so I turned them on before I did it and then had them on after...then kept it on the hour drive home...still so sore...I'm thinking it might be better to just do 2 injections...I will try 2 tomorrow and see how it goes...Its going to be a long 4 weeks!  It will be worth it when my babies are growing inside of me tho! 

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